Pay attention to short guys
They’re sooo attractive and will probably go down on you so fast


when you thirst follow someone and they follow back 



When I see people with intentionally loose laces, I think really hard and hope they trip over their loose boots and break a couple of teeth.


You ever feel like you’re stuck in the same place when things are actually moving forward? I’m trying to make it work, but something keeps dragging me back. It’s like trying to run with a fucking ball and chain.

duuuuude i’ve been feeling EXACTLY like this so much lately.



why do white girls think coachella is an excuse to dress so embarrassingly 

Cause it’s too hot for them to put on their klan robes.

uncle joey

this is gonna be so weird to get used to


Way below. I haven’t kissed since May last year.

I think I last kissed somebody in 2010, let that sink in for a minute.




"straight edge under 21 is just obeying the law"….fucking die

When I was straight edge this was my least favorite thing to hear ever.

Because if you’re over 21, drugs are apparently legal n shit.

literally nobody in my class in high school wasn’t already drinking or doing other stuff when I was 15, where the fuck is there a high school where this doesn’t happen?




The sun doesnt give a shit about you the stars aren’t proud of you the plants arent happy you exist I’m so tired of this fucking website

people saying harmless things to cheer others up makes me SO MAD and theres NOTHING WORSE and THIS WEBSITE IS ABSOLUTE TRASH how can people do things that have NO EFFECT ON ME to try and spread positive vibes I AM A PISSBABY SUPREME

lmao OP is a goreblogger of fucking course

TMI tuesday send me explicit things and i will probably answer